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Frequently Asked Questions

Brian Phan

Our names are Tron and Brian, and we’re the gentlemen who founded Sureclosing where we buy houses in Atlanta. We have additional team members that include closing specialists, inspectors, and our great lead production team. Take a look at our Company page and learn more about how we conduct business.

We buy houses in Atlanta and the state of Georgia. We purchase homes and properties in any condition, and we are looking to serve those who can’t sell their Atlanta home the traditional way. We’re an alternative that homeowners and properties owners have if their homes can’t be sold on the MLS.

To be honest, many of the homeowners we have worked with didn’t need to sell their homes immediately or were on a time crunch. We do help people get out of the foreclosure process, but most of our clients just had a bad experience with a realtor, or they couldn’t find the right pricing for their home.

If you can’t sell your home the traditional way because of its condition, we’ll still buy it. It doesn’t matter to us about the location or the situation behind it – we’re here to help you and your family in the best way possible.

Not at all. We’re not traditional listing agents and we don’t list homes in Atlanta. We’re your friendly neighborhood homebuyer, and we buy homes to repair and resell or to make them into rental properties.

Real estate agents/realtors don’t purchase your home, they simply help you find someone who wants to. They coordinate showings, meetings, and write up the paperwork necessary. However, realtors do charge fees and commissions, with a great percentage coming out from the sale of your Atlanta home. 

We don’t have any fees or commissions, in fact, we’re working for you completely for free. We just want to buy your home, fix it, and then sell or rent it. It’s really that simple.

  • It really depends on your situation. If your Atlanta home doesn’t need any repairs and has been renovated fairly recently – you should sell it on the traditional market. You’ll be getting the most profit since your home is in mint or near-mint condition and it has been updated.


  • However, if your home needs repairs, hasn’t been renovated in a while – and you need cash sooner rather than later, selling your home with an agent will cost you more money in the long run. 


  • If you’d like to see how much we can offer on your Atlanta home, go here.
  • All we need to do is have a simple discussion about your needs and for some information about your home. Talk to us about your Atlanta home, and we’ll conduct a market analysis to present you with an all-cash offer.


  • Once you accept our great offer, we can simply transfer the money to you via wire transfer or check, super easy and hassle-free!
  • Not at all! You have zero obligations, and the form we use is to get a general handle on everything regarding your home and how to contact you.


  • Our clients in the past have had plenty of options of how they wanted to sell their Atlanta home. Most of the time – they work with us because we’re the best.


  • You’ll realize this once you see and feel our honesty and the amazing offer that comes afterward. If you don’t feel like we are the right fit, we will guide you in the right direction.
  • There is a large difference between a fair price and the current market value of your Atlanta home. If your Atlanta home is in really bad shape, we take the market value of the home and subtract all of the repair costs needed. From there – that is the number we come up with for your offer. 


  • However, if we discover that your home is in great condition, we can help you find a realtor that can help you sell your Atlanta home the traditional way.

We’re glad you asked – here’s how we do it:

We find the Market Value of your Atlanta home

  • We do our research by taking a look at all the homes near you that have been sold recently, generally within a mile radius of your home. We do so to find out what the home or homes have sold for, and we make sure that it is comparable to yours in terms of square footage, number of rooms, baths, etc. 
  • From there, we can determine the current market price of your home, if it were brought up to the standards that your area’s homes are selling for.


After we find the market value, we find the cost of repairs

  • During our walkthrough, we’re going to be doing an inspection of your Atlanta home, to see what needs to be repaired/renovated. Our contractors will be with us to give us a fair estimate of the costs, and we want to make sure we keep the costs down so we can give you a better offer.


After all of that is done, we prepare our offer to you

  • After we have done all of the calculations needed, we will then present to you our offer on your Atlanta home. We will visit you in person, to give a detailed breakdown of how we got to the number on our offer, and from there you get to decide whether or not you want to accept. 


Again, this is all free for you. There is no obligation to accept. But once you have accepted – you are one step closer to selling your Atlanta home for cold, hard cash.

  • A fairly good amount :). We’re onto our 200th home this year, and we’re looking to reach 350 by the end of next year! 


  • We’re here to provide an honest, simple solution for homeowners who can’t sell their homes on the MLS, and who need another chance at life.


  • We want to help people, and the best way to help most people and families is to give them a great amount of cash for their Atlanta home.